Family Befriending

What is Family Befriending?

Family Befriending

At Family Friends, we're dedicated to supporting families facing diverse challenges. Our Family Befrienders provide a listening ear and encouragement, helping families build confidence and resolve difficulties through a series of small, impactful interventions. Whether it's assisting with outings, connecting families with local resources, negotiating bills, or simply sharing a cup of tea, our volunteers make a meaningful difference. They meet with families weekly or fortnightly for 6-12 months, dedicating just 2 hours of their time.

“I find it difficult to trust people, but I have been able to open up to Mark. He really understands me”

How We Work:
- We carefully select, train, and match volunteers with families.
- Volunteers meet families outside their homes for hours of support.
- We offer long-term help tailored to each family's needs.
- Volunteers commit to a minimum of six months, supported by ongoing supervision.

The Impact of a Befriender:
Discover the transformative power of a befriender. Parents gain confidence, access local resources, and re-enter education or work. Children benefit from improved socialisation, join clubs, and thrive academically.

Join us in making a positive impact, one small intervention at a time!

“Susan brings a smile to all our faces”