Sophia’s story

A single mother, Sophia has health issues which her mentor has provided a lot of help around.

I am mum to 14 month old Stella.  I have health issues that cause me pain and difficulty walking so that I find it hard to get out of the flat and go to appointments. This is why I wanted support from Family Friends.  

I was matched to my befriender, Kate, in July and meet her every week. When I met Kate for the first time it was like I had known her for a long time already. She makes me feel comfortable and is friendly. Kate is also very good with Stella who has started to trust her and now likes to play with her.

English is not my first language and Kate has supported me to write important letters and make phone calls to the job centre, the council and the hospital. Kate is able to explain things to me in a way I understand. Kate listens to me properly and I feel that she really understands me. She is able to help me pick the best way to do things.

I have a big operation coming up and Kate has been there for me to talk to about this. She has also been flexible by offering to visit when I have appointments, so that she can come with me. I feel that the visits have been very helpful and supportive.