Madhu’s story

10 year old Madhu says the help she receives around homework has made a huge difference.

One day last February, I met Karen for the very first time. It took me just 10 minutes to get to know her! On our first outing together, we went to Holland Park. We went to the adventure area and played on the swings and the trampoline.  One of my favourite trips was going to the National History Museum.

When we were there I saw a dodo from the island of Mauritius and a sloth the size of a fully grown standing bear! My other favourite trip with Karen was when I went to the Westfield shopping mall for the very first time in my life. I’m currently in year six and I am working hard to go to a very good secondary school.

My volunteer and I have been practising my sample tests, including my maths, English, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. Also with Karen’s help, the library has recommended some wonderful books for me.  

I enjoy the help I get from Family Friends as I couldn’t go to these places before because of my brother’s condition, but now I can with Family Friends by my side.