Karen’s story

The single mother of a young son, Karen felt comfortable with the service from the outset. She is now enrolled at university.

I was introduced to Family Friends through Family Services. When I first heard the name ‘Family Friends’ I thought ‘oh my, just how bad can things get for me, am I now having to ask others to be my friend’? But it was not like that at all.

My initial assessment could not have gone better. I had a home visit from two lovely volunteer co-ordinators who explained about the support that I was due to receive. I was able to ask questions about the services that they offer and even describe the sort of volunteer that I would wish to receive support from. In return, my questions were answered thoroughly and within a week I was introduced to the appropriate volunteer.

I look forward every week to meet-ups with my volunteer. She is totally understandable and she never lets me down. Before I met my volunteer I thought there was absolutely no hope whatsoever, but being a mother to such a wonderful son I knew I had to change that. That's why I’ve always asked for help when I’ve needed it.  Since meeting with my volunteer each week, I've set mini goals that I wished to accomplish. I managed to completely come off my anti-depressants and also enrolled to do a course at university.

Because of Family Friends and the support which I receive from them, I now look forward to each day. I feel more motivated and definitely have a positive outlook about life in general. It certainly feels good to have a smile on my face again.

Thank you Family Friends.