Davesh’s story

Referred by a teacher, 13 year old Davesh says having a mentor has given him a huge amount of confidence.

I am 13 years old and started seeing my volunteer mentor about a year ago. I was struggling with organisation at home, situations at school and I really needed my own space because it is busy at home. A teacher at school told me about Family Friends. They said that I would get someone who would help me with these things.  

I felt shy when I met Alison for the first time but it was ok on our second visit, even though I forgot her name at first!  I’ve liked having a Family Friend because I now get fewer detentions, I’ve grown in confidence and it gave me space from home. On our visits, we always go out. We’ve read a book together, worked on my maths, done homework, talked about things and played games. I even taught Alison how to play chess!  For our treat visits, we’ve been to the theatre, rock climbing and to a really amazing magic show (that was my favourite).  

Family Friends has confidence in me and I’ve had the opportunity to visit new volunteers who were in training and I told them about my experiences with my mentor. It was fun to teach adults for a change! I’m sad that my year is nearly over because I’ve really enjoyed having Alison. Moving forward, I want to carry on reading more and getting my homework done on time. I’m really grateful my teachers knew about Family Friends and that I was lucky enough to have volunteer.