“I feel that the visits have been very helpful and supportive.”

Sophia, Parent receiving befriending

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Jenny’s story

Parent befriender

Jenny, a former teacher, was a volunteer with Family Friends. She supported a single mum with three children under the age of five.

Karen’s story

Parent receiving befriending

The single mother of a young son, Karen felt comfortable with the service from the outset. She is now enrolled at university.

Sophia’s story

Parent receiving befriending

A single mother, Sophia has health issues which her mentor has provided a lot of help around.

George’s story

Child mentor

George has mentored three boys through Family Friends. He describes his volunteering as a ‘win-win’ situation.

Madhu’s story

Child receiving mentoring

10 year old Madhu says the help she receives around homework has made a huge difference.

Davesh’s story

Child receiving mentoring

Referred by a teacher, 13 year old Davesh says having a mentor has given him a huge amount of confidence.