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What's love got to do with it?

What's love got to do with it? 

Everything! We witness countless expressions of love weaving through our ecosystem. 

There's the palpable love our incredible volunteers extend to our families and supporting the charity—through their time, energy, empathy, and willingness to challenge norms. 

We see it in the families who welcome us into their lives, sharing the complexities and often challenging dynamics of family relationships. 

Love shines through in the passion of meetings with various services, all collaborating for the welfare of families. 

Befriending: What is it?

Our families, despite being in a city brimming with potential connections, face a profound sense of isolation. This isolation, stemming from a myriad of challenging circumstances, often places them on the fringes. Its where our wonderful Befrienders come in, it is not just about casual friendship; it's a lifeline. It's about forging connections with purpose and understanding, within defined boundaries.

30th anniversary celebrations!

What an incredible 30th anniversary celebration! Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for everyone who came together with us to share in this unforgettable evening. It was a night of pure joy. The event was a beautiful amalgamation of treasured memories, reflections on the past, explorations of the present, and dialogues about our collective future. 

Digital Connection: A Five-Day Hackathon with BNP Paribas

For most of us who lead small to medium-sized charities, securing corporate support often feels like hunting for a hidden treasure. It's a daily struggle to stay afloat. We may not boast extravagant budgets or glossy promotional materials, but our commitment to excellent grassroots work remains steadfast. However, the challenge lies in how we extend our reach, particularly when there's no designated individual to capture the perfect image during those precious moments when ten mums gather for coffee with our family connector.

George's Story - From Volunteer to Trustee

George's Story - from Volunteer to Trustee


I was introduced to Family Friends many years ago. It was perfect timing; I had been looking for a fulfilling challenge to do in my spare time and I have not looked back since becoming involved. I have been fortunate enough to work with three lovely families as a volunteer and served as a trustee for the past seven years. I have learned a lot and met some really great people along the way. 


Join our team of volunteers

We are currently recruiting for new volunteers to work with local families in need,

  • Are you someone who can offer a listening ear?
  • Are you able to withhold judgement?
  • Do you like trying new things?
  • Can you spare a few hours weekly or fortnightly?
  • Are you able to travel in to Central West London?

If YES then we would love to hear from you, for an informal chat - please drop a line to

Inclusive, Ambitious, Open... A Strategic vision

Family Friends has been through a large evolution during this past 18 months, reshaping our core services and taking deep dives into our systems and delivery. 

As with many other charities we are traversing a new environment whereby our biggest challenge is to create a solid and sustainable foundation in order for our services to thrive into a future that is somewhat unknown but is throwing up exciting and new ways of how we can support a broader spectrum of families and engage a wider group of volunteers.